Product List

Vacuum Extraction Cups

Our OmniCup is the latest technology in vacuum assisted births. The low profile cup and flexible traction rope makes it suitable for all foetal positions. Available with and without traction indicator.

Uterine Manipulators

An essential component of a successful minimally invasive gynecologic procedure is uterine manipulation. Regardless of whether conservative or extirpative surgery is being performed, the ability to optimally position the uterus within the pelvis is critical to safe and efficient surgical dissection. The addition of a colpotomizer cup to any uterine manipulator further enhances the ability to perform a conventional or robot-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy

Ring Retractors

Our Retractor System is comprised of a variety of self-retaining, adjustable retractors which offer superior access and visualization across a wide range of surgical applications. From Gynecology to Otolaryngology these single-use retractors cater for your surgical requirement. They are light-weight and sterile-packaged to ensure effective and efficient delivery to the surgical field case after case.

Flexible Retractors

The C-Section Retractor provides 360° circumferential retraction while the malleable outer ring molds to the patient’s abdomen to provide a secure, low-profile exposure. Especially usefull for obese patients due to its sturdy design that keeps it in place throughout the procedure.The retractor design also allows for in situ suturing of uterus, with the goal of reducing patient pain and achieving faster recovery time . The retractors are latex-free.

Specimen Retrieval System


Cyst Needle

The product allows for decreased morbidity and mortality because surgery for benign disease is avoided; and preserves fertility.. Unique aspiiration feature eliminates leakage or spillage of tumor material along the needle track avoiding infection due to hemorrhage of cyst.

Pessary Rings

The ring pessary is appropriate for all stages of POP. The ring with support has a diaphragm that can also be used in patients with third-degree uterine prolapse. The Gellhorn pessary is designed to manage severe uterine or vaginal prolapse.

Suture Grasper Closure Device