Omnicup Vacuum Extraction Cups

Our OmniCup is the latest technology in vacuum assisted births. The low profile cup and flexible traction rope makes it suitable for all foetal positions. Available with and without traction indicator.

The Omnicup vacuum delivery device is an integral unit designed for complete control of the vacuum extraction procedure without an assistant. The hand pump mechanism provides safe and effective vacuum control while the handle and flexible traction rope provide superior extraction control. The Omnicup has been designed for all fetal positions including asynclitic occiput posterior and lateral fetal malpositions.

The Omnicup integral design provides a simple to use hand vacuum pump, a thumb activated vacuum release valve, and the latest model also features an accurate vacuum level indicator. The vacuum level indicator allows the operator to associate the traction force used with a visual measurement of the traction force making it ideal for training purposes.

The Omnicup also has the flexible stem and low-profile cup for safe and effective use in all fetal head positions – occiput anterior (OA), occiput posterior (OP) and occiput transverse (OT). This makes the Omnicup the number one choice in obstetrics for the vacuum assisted delivery (ventouse) procedure.